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10 Best Newborn Photography Ideas

Do you want to do something different for your baby’s photos? Read on for our best newborn photography ideas!

1. Theme your baby’s photoshoot to the season

My favourite newborn photography idea is theming your session to the season! This is a really cute way to remind you of the time of year that your family became one person bigger and better! 

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn

Top tip– Less is more! This should be done stylishly and subtly- we are talking about using pastels in spring (“Florals in spring? Groundbreaking!”) not dressing your baby as the Easter Bunny!

2. Match your artwork to your decor

We’re creating these portraits for you to enjoy for years to come- so they’ll be up on your walls or in a beautiful album on the coffee table in your home. Why not have them co-ordinate? Our studio has the largest collection of newborn props, wraps, hats and headbands in every colour you could ever want so you should make full use of that! Your home decor is a statement about the colours and styles you love so we will personalise the shoot to you! Are you more minimalist and neutral or opulent and bold?

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– Not every colour will match your baby’s skin tone so check what looks good on baby first.

3. Get in the photo!

I know you guys just had a baby, and you probably feel less than glamorous right now with nappy changes and night feeds, but you will be missing out on some amazing portraits of you and your baby if we don’t include you. Even if you don’t want them for yourself, guess who will? Your baby! When they grow up they will want memories of you to look back on. Be brave and trust me as your photographer- I know the optimum lighting and angles to show you at your best, this is what I’ve studied and trained in for over 10 years! 

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– If you don’t love the images, you can simply leave without purchasing them but at least you have the option.


You don’t get your photo taken professionally every day, and they will be memories you look back on for years so… treat yo’ self! Book a blow dry and a make up appointment, if you’re in Banbridge I can personally recommend Neil at Thomas Neil hairdressing for the best bouncy blow dry around! Find him here and for super glam make-up I love Hannah at MARS Makeup & Brows, you can find her here  

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top Tip– Take advantage of our client wardrobe and wear one of our exquisite gowns for your photographs. Be sure to message us beforehand to discuss what colours and styles best suit you (and what your partner should be wearing to match you, Qween!).

5. Include your other child / children

Sibling portraits are undoubtedly some of the favourite photographs from any newborn photo shoot! Getting the photograph is usually a little bit hectic, especially with an active toddler but we will certainly try our best! 

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– Try to stay calm and quiet when we are working with your child so they are more interested in looking at me and my camera! Bribery can work well if stuck to, i.e. “Once we take a photo then you get one grape/ milky button/ piece of cheese/ (insert bribe of choice).”

6. Bring the dog*

(*If your dog is pretty relaxed and generally well behaved) 

I have dogs myself, therefore I fully understand that they are part of the family, and the pictures we have of them can be so precious when they are no longer with us. So of course they should be in the family portrait! 

baby photographer banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– Please do make me aware of this ahead of time so we can prepare for these photographs. Similarly to toddlers, bribes work very well! Bring some small training treats for me to use to get your dog to sit and look at the camera. 

7. Add a nod to a hobby, special interest or vocation

This is a lovely idea to personalise your baby photoshoot to you and your family. Perhaps you’re both plant enthusiasts or even a florist/gardener, we could incorporate some beautiful flowers or greenery into your session. 

Zack’s dad is an army medic so we created a portrait of baby boy sleeping on top of dad’s helmet (this was a composite image where baby was posed separately to the helmet, and then the images were merged in Photoshop).

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– Subtle is best! This is one where portrait style can go very wrong, very fast; items that are too large, have glaring colours, even the inappropriate nature of items (I’ve seen babies posed with hunting rifles and I am just not here for it). These can be tasteless if done incorrectly so speak to me first, let know what you were hoping to incorporate and lets find a stylish way to do it! 

8. Don’t forget the details! 

Tell us your favourite features of your newborn baby! There’s always that one feature that you just obsess over; little chubby toes, teeny tiny fingernails, round rosy cheeks, perfect pouty lips, or my personal favourite- milk spots on little button noses! 

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– Give baby a warm water bath right before your photoshoot. Pay special attention to feet as afterbirth tends to hide between their little toes. If baby’s skin is very dry and you are using a moisturiser, remember to choose an alcohol and fragrance free one. 

9. Keep it classic

Maybe simple and minimalist just suits your style best. You may prefer to use neutral colours, or the classic baby blue and baby pink. No bells and whistles, you just want your baby to be the focus of every photograph. 

baby photographer northern ireland

Top tip– We have many (many!) shades of neutral blankets and layers in the studio so try to define what kind of neutrals you like. Are they cold or warm toned neutrals? Greys or beiges? White or cream? 

We’ve made it super easy for you- just click here and choose your favourite colour palette for us to personalise your photoshoot to.

10. Bring a keepsake

Incorporate something special from someone you love by bringing a small memento to your photoshoot. If there’s a family member that you’re missing, this is a particularly meaningful portrait for your family to treasure.

We love this photograph of baby Bethany wrapped in grandad’s scarf, a beautiful way to remember him.

newborn baby photography banbridge belfast newry lisburn northern ireland

Top tip– Keep it small. Newborn babies are tiny and we don’t want to overshadow his/her portrait with the item therefore keep it small or simple.

Hopefully that inspires some newborn photography ideas for your own photoshoot!

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Sarah xx

P. S. Leave a comment below if you have a newborn photography idea that isn’t on the list!

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  • Heatherspratt1965@gmail.com13 January, 2020 - 5:07 pm

    I love your work and of course max was the little winter snowman. Such a proud nana well done to the little green studio.ReplyCancel

    • Sarah Martin26 January, 2020 - 9:00 pm

      Oh Heather he’s such a wee babe! Love this one so much! (Apologies that your comment got stuck in the spam filter and I just found it!)

      Sarah xxReplyCancel