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Preemie and Perfect | Alex Black

Alex arrived super early, but, a lovelier, squishier preemie baby you could not find! He had the softest hair and roundest pink cheeks. I may have fallen in love just a little… It’s actually hard to believe this is a preemie photoshoot at all!

Alex’s big sister, Lucy, had previously visited the studio for one of our Christmas mini sessions. So Lucy already had the posing perfected (as you can see in the sibling portrait below)! It’s not often you meet a toddler who is so good at a photoshoot, we hardly had to bribe her at all haha!

preemie photoshoot banbridge belfast northern ireland

For Alex’s photoshoot we decided on a natural beige, grey and mint accent colour theme- it worked perfectly with his warmer skin tones.

preemie baby boy photography northern ireland

Also, please take a second (or an hour!) to appreciate this stunning portrait of Alex’s mum Deborah! This image makes my heart swell, there is such an ethereal quality and so much love (and look at that little baby foot poking up there!).

preemie newborn photographer belfast northern ireland
baby boy photoshoot banbridge belfast northern ireland

To find the best preemie baby support available in Northern Ireland visit Tiny Life who raise 90% of their funds themselves to support premature babies!

“We all have a fighter in us. Preemies just have a little bit more.”

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To arrange your preemie photoshoot with us send us an email at info@littlegreenstudio.co.uk

Sarah xx

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