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Redhead Baby | Archie Graham

Introducing redhead baby Archie- he’s got cutes, he’s got character and he’s got a whole lot of style!

My first choice of colour for a redhead baby is white/cream, but, will you be daring? Can I suggest… green? Are you screaming right now? Just hear me out; the “orange” of Archie’s hair is a vibrant clash with green, which actually gives a bright, energetic colour theme. Don’t believe me? Firstly have a look at this citrus inspired colour palette, then scroll down to see redhead baby Archie photographed on sunny green blankets with citrus green swaddle wraps and bonnets!

Classic Is Classic For A Reason…
baby photos banbridge
But Look At This Green!
redhead baby newborn photography belfast
Cute In Any Colour
baby photography northern ireland
But… Point Proven!
redhead newborn photos belfast
Sleepy Bear
baby photoshoot newry
Mum & Baby
mum and son photos banbridge
Daddy & Son
daddy and baby portraits lisburn
The Graham Family
family portraits belfast
newborn photography studio belfast

I’m very grateful to all my clients, especially those who give me free creative reign, who I vibe with and who get my style. Also those who appreciate the little details that I focus on to make your portraits perfect! It’s an amazing feeling to know how many of my works of art are hanging in your homes!SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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Sarah xx

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