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What happens at a Newborn Photoshoot?

So you’ve gotten the good news- you’re expecting a baby! Congrats! You’ve started planning your hospital kit (cooling pads & numbing spray– you’re welcome), decorating the nursery and learning more than you ever thought you needed to know about prams (how small is the turning circle on this model?). Now you’re thinking that you would like to book a newborn photoshoot to capture some gorgeous photos of your baby when they’re all small and squishy. Maybe you’re already thinking about the day when your child brings home their first serious girl/boyfriend, and you reach straight for the baby album. It’s okay- you’re going to be a parent now and that means you’re going to be embarrassing. Embrace it.

I digress… You are probably wondering what to expect at this type of session. I will get into specifics in other posts, so for now- here is a quick run down of what happens at a newborn photoshoot!

First of all, let me reassure you that your baby is in very safe hands. I have completed specialist training and have been a newborn photographer for over 5 years, photographing hundreds of babies! (Also in case I haven’t mentioned it in half an hour- winner of Ireland’s best newborn photographer 2019, second runner up for most humble).

Parent & Family Portraits

When you come in for your session, we will already have given you a guide on how to prepare. For example- “Feed baby right before you leave the house to come to us” and advice on what to wear. Our first port of call is generally your family portraits; marking the occasion when you guys became a family with your newest addition. Also, if you have other children we like to do these photos then too so that a family member can take them home or out for a treat afterwards. No small child wants to sit quietly for 3 hours while we’re doing the rest of the photoshoot! 

what happens at a newborn photoshoot
newborn photoshoot belfast
baby photoshoot newry

“Wait, the session is 3 hours long?” – Yes, lets focus on who is running the show here (no, not me), your baby is boss. Everything is done at their pace, this gives us plenty of time for soothing, feeding & taking breaks. Nil desperandum, this is a great opportunity for you to kick back on our comfy sofa, enjoy the tropical heat of the studio and maybe take a much needed nap while I work with baby.

Beanbag Poses

Now it’s all baby, all day! We start with “beanbag” setups- this is on a specialised newborn posing beanbag which allows us to comfortably and safely pose your baby. We can do some with little outfits (supplied by us), some in their birthday suits and some wrapped. Just let us know your style / what colours you like and we will personalise the styling to you.

newborn photography belfast
newborn photography lisburn
newborn photographer belfast
newborn photographer newry

Wrapped & Props

Next up is the wrapped props portion. We may start with a more open wrap first, then move on to what us newborn photographers call a “potato sack” wrap, you will probably know it as swaddling. Either way- your baby will love it! A snug wrap will make them feel warm & secure. Like they’re back in the womb without a care in the world. It never fails to calm an unsettled baby- instant sleep!

newborn photoshoot newry

We try to get a few different setups with a variety of props and colours. Did I mention that we have Ireland’s largest prop collection? (Father Ted fans will read this in the voice*).

newborn photoshoot lisburn
what to expect at a newborn photoshoot

And that’s it! Occasionally we’ll do this all back to front if your other child / children need to come at the end of the session rather than the beginning, but it gives you a good idea of what goes on. To see it in action have a look at me working with baby Aidan in our video below. 


After your session I work like a little beaver in a darkened room, clutching a coffee cup and editing your portraits (how’s that for a real image of what goes on behind the scenes!). Editing gives your images my signature style as an artist. It’s not about making you or your baby different, taking away your skin texture or changing anything that is inherently “You”. Consider the photoshoot as an artist’s sketch, then the editing as my final painting; working to refine colours and small details.

Ordering Session

A few weeks after your photoshoot you will get a happy little email from me to let you know that your portraits are ready and to schedule your viewing session. You will enjoy another comfy sofa, a nice tea or coffee & some tasty baked goods whilst watching a slideshow on our big (HUGE) screen TV. You get to choose your favourite images and I help you decide the best way to display them in your home (because you did not just do this session for Instagram).

I will take care of every detail of your printed artwork; individually sharpening each image for each print size, making sure the images are colour managed and printed correctly, and only using archival quality products so you can still enjoy them when you’re 92.

So, hopefully you now understand more clearly, “What happens at a newborn photoshoot?”, and hopefully you had a few giggles along the way too. As I mentioned before, I will be covering specific FAQs in more depth- so keep an eye on the blog!

Head over to our Newborn Gallery to look at the finished images or have a browse around the site. 

Email us at info@littlegreenstudio.co.uk for more information, availability & to get booked in.

Images of baby Edison and his mum & dad, Rebecca & Julian. Rebecca runs The Copper Lab coffee shop just around the corner from The Little Green Studio. They honestly do the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life! I highly recommend trying it (maybe not right before your newborn photoshoot if you’re breastfeeding though hah!).

Thank you so much for reading.

Sarah x

*Father Ted Gif for Clarity!

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